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Terms for modifying / distributing game pieces
Bird of Prey
  • I'm fairly easy going as far as copying my game peices is concerned; you can copy, edit, and redistribute them at will providing that it is clear that I am the original artist. To do this I ask that you provide a link to the Titan GS homepage when redistributing.

  • If you modify one or more ships and you feel they differ enough from the original(s) to be concidered your own work. Please let me decide if they are indeed more yours than mine by e-mailing me. I'm an easy going guy and I'll most likely say 'yes'. I would simply apreciate the common courtesy.

  • Finally, if I havn't covered something or you have questions, I read and reply to all (non-spam) e-mails so feel free to contact me at But, please don't ask me to explain how the game is played; it would take far too long. However, there is still hope because I plan writing a manual in HTML format to be released with the 0.3 version of TitanGS.

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