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An Historical Sketch:
    Star Trek TitanGS is a tool to be used with a game originally developed by a freind of mine named Zach Mills. In the begining, all the ships where drawn by pen or pencil. We must have made 200 individual ships - keep in mind many were attempted copies of others. It was in copying ships that led to the logical course of action, which was to draw ships on the computer. I think I've gotten pretty good.

    After some time it became obvoius that the game was growing out of control. We ended up dropping certain rules to make the game more playable on a large (about 400 ships in play) scale. It ended up not being very fun any more due - in my opinion - to the truncated rule set.

    TitanGS is as much a learning experiance for me as it is a way to remove some of the tedium from the game and allows for the more complicated rules. It's job is simply to do the micro-managing and math reguarding battles in the game. The program is GPL'd and the game pieces are free with a few provisions.

Sat Sep 27 23:12:02 CST 2003
It has recently come to my attention that this site lookes funny on the earlier versions of internet explorer. If the problem exist on any of the recent versions please let me know so I can fix it. The site looks just fine on all netscape related products (i.e. mozilla, mozilla firebird, and of course netscape).

Tue Aug 5 20:29:34 CST 2003
TitanGS version 0.2PRE1 has been released. yow can find the list of packages here

Sat Sep 20 03:38:43 CST 2003
Did I say soon? I meant in a little while. *sigh* Truth be told; I'm no longer sure when TitanGS v0.2 will be finished. Portability is one of the v0.2 design goals and there's still the issue of getting it to compile properly on windows.
This little portability issue is quite a mess (I have implemented a new random number generator that's windows compatable). My concern is getting the program to operate (for the most part) identically on both Linux and windows. And that will take time, I just hope it won't be much longer.

Sun Jun 27 06:19:32 CST 2004
If you've come from the j-titan-gs project. This is the site for the old (C++) version of the game; all the links on this page are for it. You can get back to JTGS here.

Mon Nov 10 23:45:50 CST 2003
If you are curious about the game pieces I draw, something interesting is happening in the ship index section. In a testament to my dorkyness, I've started writing descriptions for the game pieces. few yet have them, but I think it's pretty slick.

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